Cute Car-Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids

car-themed Halloween costumes

Like cars? We here at Robbie Roberson Ford sure do, and so do a lot of little kids. Why not celebrate your littles one’s love for cars by dressing them up in a car-themed Halloween costume? It may not be as common as, say, a ghost or whatever cartoon is popular this year, but it’s a fun and cool undertaking that will make your trick-or-treater stand out.

Mario Kart characters: What’s an easier costume than a red shirt and overalls? Throw in a makeshift go-kart and you’ve got yourself a great outfit that everyone will recognize.

Batman in the Batmobile: Every child goes through a Batman phase at some point. Add to the fun with a Batmobile they can sit in.

Ice Cream Truck: Build a large van your child can sit in, and then decorate it with pictures of real – or made up – frozen dessert products as well as cute pastels and designs.

A Mini Cooper: Not many cars are as recognizable as a Mini Cooper. Once you’ve got the spherical headlights and the contrasting paint stripes and roof down, everyone will know what you’re going for.

A Transformer: This one’s for the ambitious costumers. If you’re up to the task, trying making a Transformers costume for your kid that actually transforms. It has been done!

There are lots of other great ideas for car-themed Halloween costumes out there, too. Take a glance around or try to brainstorm some of your own!